Super Bowl 50 on Twitter

Did you tune into Super Bowl 50 for the football or the halftime show?

According to our WTF Twitter project (Part one is here), the halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars was by far the most tweetable portion of Super Sunday. Here's the proof:


The snippet of graph in the above video highlights a couple hours of real-time data with the surges in tweets during the halftime show. You can clearly see the first spike correlate with the approximate time that halftime started (about 6:30pm MT). Subsequent spikes are when Queen Bey first appears and as the show is wrapping up, roughly 20 minutes later. No other moments throughout the course of the game came close to producing these levels of Twitter activity.

Twitter withholds so much data from their API now, so how did we do this? We'll get to that in a more detailed blog post soon and it will totally appeal to your inner nerd. Stay tuned!