WTF Twitter!?! A Super Bowl smackdown

This time of year our nio team (should be) in the final stages of a frantic push to deliver what would have been our 4th Annual nio Super Bowl Streaming Experience. Last year thousands of friends, family, and fans from all over the world experienced a niofied Super Bowl 49 via our streaming experience.

But sadly, with an apology to our community, we will not continue the tradition this year.


Because of Twitter’s continual deceptive practices relating to its API usage terms, we have made the decision not to design another Super Bowl experience. Over each of the last three years, the team has worked tirelessly through rapid iteration sessions, custom development sprints, and design of dynamic visuals to show the context of the Super Bowl in a unique way; the nio way.

There were a lot of motivating reasons for this effort and investment of time. We love sports. We love football; we love the Super Bowl advertisements and all that the Super Bowl implies – all of it! Plus, streaming and processing millions of messages (asynchronously) from over 40 publishers including Twitter is the ultimate wildcard testing situation for an early stage software company – nio innovation. And lastly, we believe that no other company or software can handle the content from an event like the Super Bowl better than nio – nobody!

So this year we’ve decided to call-out Twitter (yeah you @jack). @Twitter, a company that ironically is built by developers, lives off the backs of many developers outside of Twitter and now is struggling to find its way in the public markets. Karma?