nio platform

Enabling you to create digital transformation

The nio™ software platform enables rapid development of extensible, secure, and scalable IoT solutions. It empowers developers and non-developers alike to build distributed systems without writing a single line of code.

Unlimited extensibility

nio simplifies even the most complex challenges when connecting digital signals and data across diverse industries, business models, technologies, and use cases. The only limitation is your imagination.

Real-time insights at the edge

nio’s distributed systems encourage local processing without reliance on a client-server architecture, centralized database, high network overhead, and unnecessary privacy and security concerns. nio doesn’t require any database or cloud connectivity.

Visual design and modular logic

The nio platform includes our System Designer visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality. nio’s modular blocks allow you to subscribe to, act on, and enrich data streams within your system. Simply connect and configure blocks to create innovative solutions.

Efficient, secure and private

Forcing you to save every bit of data, from everything, all of the time, is not efficient. Fortunately, nio delivers full contextual logic on streaming data prior to data storage. Filter the noise, act on streams, and train models at the edge, so you can reap the benefits, limit the costs, and store data responsibly.

Input and output

A complete IoT solution should do more than ship data to the cloud or create a report to review later. With nio, the output is just as important as the input. nio systems turn data into real-time visualizations, actuation, control, and automation.

Agnostic and independent

nio is designed without technical bias. It seamlessly interacts with an abundance of signals, devices, databases, and protocols. nio combines existing infrastructure, legacy systems, and newly acquired assets to efficiently and effectively transform business processes.

Rapid application development

Progressive adoption and rapid iteration reduce overall implementation costs. nio embodies these tenets while maintaining extensibility. nio will always be adaptable to an uncertain digital future.

Want to start building with nio?

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