System Designer

Elegant drag-and-drop user interface

The System Designer is a web-based tool that enables you to build distributed systems of machines and devices without writing any code. With this drag-and-drop interface you can rapidly create and manage enterprise-grade, real-time systems.

No code required

nio opens up system design to a wider audience than just developers. With the drag-and-drop user experience, subject matter experts, integration partners, and general technologists can design custom systems easily by dragging lines between blocks.

Create holistic systems

When you build with nio, you are most likely designing the logic for a system of devices instead of a single isolated device. The System Designer allows you to visualize your system holistically rather than trying to maintain the disparate relationships between devices inside your head.

Design with blocks

The System Designer allows you to construct your systems by connecting blocks to form data streams. Blocks may represent streaming functions, device protocols, web services, databases, and more. Anything that produces, consumes, or transforms a signal can be a block.

Human-machine interaction

nio revolutionizes the way that humans interact with machines. Generally, getting two different machines to work together means an expensive and complicated integration effort. Now, simply define where you want data to flow and the outcome you desire.

Build and deploy from anywhere

The System Designer not only allows you to build new systems, but also inspect and alter the state of existing systems. View system metrics, log files, and the status of running blocks and services right from your web browser. When you’re ready to make a change, deploy a new version of your system with the click of a button.

Additional user resources

The System Designer wouldn't be complete without first-class user support. We provide all the tools you need to learn, build, and troubleshoot with nio.

Does nio sound too good to be true?

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