How nio monitors our Keurig, kitchen and beer supply

In our office’s kitchen, nio is monitoring and controlling everything from our fridge’s temperature to the level of the water in the Keurig to how many beers are left in the fridge.  To nio the signal type doesn't matter, there is a mix of both analog and digital signals being processed asynchronously on a single computer.

A Raspberry Pi in our kitchen!The computer in this case, is this Raspberry Pi (at left) tucked away in one of the drawers in the kitchen.

Pretty cool that our entire kitchen is being monitored by a device running a single-core 700mhz ARM processor!

Even cooler, that little nugget of a computer is only $25.95.

Other variables such as room occupancy, whether the lights are on or off, whether the cabinet doors are open or closed and the energy usage of our most commonly used appliances are monitored by nio and presented in real-time on our floorplan layout monitor. Check out the short clip below for more about the nio kitchen: