« Transforming IIoT with a true platform for distributed intelligence

The industrial sector has been through revolutions before and has emerged better, faster, and stronger. It is time for the next revolution.

Re-marketing disparate solutions and legacy technology as "IIoT" has stalled the progress of digital transformation initiatives. Every “thing” (electronics, vehicles, people, sensors) is passing signals around, they are just not doing it in a cohesive, self-aware manner. The high price of adoption, compatibility issues, and lack of standardization have caused headaches for solution providers and consumers alike.

Experts also attribute the cause to the preconceived notion that Industrial IoT is meant to only optimize existing internal processes and business models. In a recent collaboration, HPE and Industry of Things World concluded that “adopting the IIoT must go beyond optimization -- it has to be a transformation.”

Enter nio.

This is just one of the infinite applications of the nio platform. We are in the process of building out our partner ecosystem and empowering the right companies to win with nio. Visit our partner page and contact us to learn more.