nio provides a simple solution to migrate from expensive legacy data systems to open source solutions, or any other new data repository. With this solution, users experience zero downtime--both on-premise and to/from the cloud.


Designing and maintaining the ETL process is often the most difficult portion of a data warehouse migration project. The nio System Designer simplifies the work with drag-and-drop building and holistic system visualization.


nio is a stream-based platform which allows IT Administrators and other users to view the process in real time. This could be in the form of a log, a user interface, or a number of other outputs to track progress and success of the ETL process.

Cost savings

The nio Platform also allows an organization to maintain their existing systems while transitioning to new databases or providers.This greatly reduces downtime and accelerates implementation, thus reducing cost.

Any database

nio provides a single digital standard to migrate and transform data across any number of endpoints. A new data source or repository is simply a new block.

how to build for data migration

Check out how nio can help make your migration become more transparent, cost effective, and visible in real time.


The OracleDBSubscriber establishes the connection to the legacy datastore, selects the desired table, and defines the parameters for migration. Simply check a box within the block configuration modal to subscribe to changes in real time.


Depending on the query type that triggered the notification from Oracle, you can insert, update, or delete a record in your target database. Use filter blocks to direct the inbound messages to the appropriate action blocks.


Use our PostgresDelete block to delete records in your target database. Use the inbound ID variable to remove the appropriate record.


For inserts and updates, a modifier block maps your legacy database column names to the appropriate columns in the new database.


To insert or update a record in your target database, use a filter block to direct inbound messages to the appropriate actions blocks.

PostgresInsert / PostgresUpdate

Based on the filtering action taken within the IsAction block, the mapped data is either inserted or updated within the target database.


Streamlined ETL process

nio services allow you to easily migrate your legacy database to a new data ecosystem. The ETL process is typically laborious and time intensive, however, in building this service, much of the mapping, cleansing, and data transformation is simplified for the end user.

Real-time visibility

Using either the log function within the System Designer or a custom user interface, users are able to track the progress and success of the migration in real time.

Increased confidence, reduced costs

With these improvements to the ETL process, IT leadership is able to achieve confidence in the accuracy of their data migration while reducing the cost, time, and resources required to complete a project.

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