nio security

enterprise-grade security for your connected system

niolabs is committed to delivering secure software to power enterprise applications. We operate with a “security first” mindset and follow industry-standard best practices for software quality. We also regularly test our products both internally and with the help of third-party security vendors.


Security Compliance

As part of our security best practice, niolabs closely follows and conforms to multiple industry standard security guidelines. To read about how we keep up with both the OWASP Top IoT Vulnerabilities and the Google IoT Security Requirements documents, download our Security White Paper below. You may also check out our Security Response Policy to learn more about how niolabs handles security incidents.

Authentication and Authorization

The nio Platform supports securing your devices and roles through user authentication and authorization. Use nio’s built-in JSON Web Token security mechanism or connect your own Active Directory or SAML provider to integrate into an existing enterprise.

End-to-End Encryption

Pubkeeper™, nio's default communication broker, end-to-end encrypts your data in transit regardless of which communication protocol you are using. You can be assured messages move between instances without any prying eyes intercepting them.

Full Privacy Control

Unlike many other platforms, nio does not require any data to be sent to a cloud environment. All of your data requirements are defined on actual devices and your privacy policy is fully in your control.

Security from Day One

In a land full of prototypes and proofs of concepts, security concerns are often dismissed and scheduled to be handled later. As a result, incomplete and insecure solutions end up getting deployed to customers and consumers. With nio, security is built-in and enforced from the very first time you create a service.

want to know more?

Download the white paper below to learn more about the niolabs solution to IoT security.