« Is nio’s Intelligent Vineyard the Future of Winegrape Growing?

nioAg is gaining significant traction in the precision ag space. Our most recent feature in the nationally known magazine, Growing Produce, helped attribute to this gain in momentum.

Growing Produce's article, "Is the Intelligent Vineyard the Future of Winegrape Growing?,"  author David Eddy goes into an in-depth analysis of nio's precision ag solution at Deep Sky Vineyard in Willcox, AZ. Eddy writes, "The difference is in combining a grower’s irrigation strategy with real-time weather and soil moisture sensor data to determine the optimal time to water and, most importantly, the required volume of water per plant." This perfectly describes how nio is combining the experience of the farmer with data to create the future of winegrape growing.

To read the full article in Growing Produce about nioAg at Deep Sky Vineyard click here.

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