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What a great day to be nio! Internationally recognized research and technology consulting firm Harbor Research released an in-depth analysis of the nio platform as it relates to "the future of connected systems.

Harbor Research notes, "...we believe nio is defining a new market meta-category that underscores the crucial importance of first-mover advantages and the need to empower users and developers to exploit the vast potential of complex systems intelligence and information automation."

The piece features quotes from a select group of early adopters across a variety of verticals including industry, agriculture and retail. As author Glen Allmendinger states, "These real world implementations are showing that it is possible to completely re-think the whole relationship of people and devices to business systems and processes..."

To read the full report, download it in PDF form here:

Designing the Future of Connected Systems (June-2016)
Designing the Future of Connected Systems (June-2016)

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