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30-day trial to explore how nio can deliver your IoT vision

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  • rapidly deliver your own distributed IoT solution
  • design, develop, deploy, & monitor from a single platform
  • 1-on-1 kick-off session to accelerate your success
  • contribute to the developer community to get plan upgrades and extensions!

full nio platform access
  • 1 nio system
  • 1 managed nio cloud instance*
  • unlimited self-managed nio instances

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Explore how nio can deliver your digital vision with a free 30-day trial

no credit card required
  • rapidly deliver your own distributed IoT solution
  • design, develop, deploy, & monitor from a single platform
  • 1-on-1 kick-off session to accelerate your success
  • contribute to the developer community to get plan upgrades and extensions!


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Transform any business with customizable licensing & support plans

  • customizable nio usage & team size
  • white-glove training & support plans
  • unlock new use cases with custom nio versions
  • go to market with nio white labeling & OEM
  • leverage nio co-solution design & architecture

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your questions, answered

All you need to know about pricing plans and how to get started with nio.

How do I get started?

The Explore Plan is a 30-day trial of the nio Platform intended to provide a zero friction, zero risk evaluation period to begin prototyping your IoT and digital transformation ideas.

We also provide several resources to help familiarize yourself with the platform:

What does the 30-day free trial include?

The 30-day free trial gives you full access to all of the nio features and includes the following:

  • - 1 system
  • - 1 managed nio cloud instance
  • - unlimited self-managed nio instances
  • - 1 hour of personalized onboarding and training
What can I use nio for?

nio is a software platform that facilitates and simplifies the creation of distributed systems. nio makes it easier to do useful things with connected computers and sensors embedded EVERYWHERE--the cloud, your office, the factory floor, your fleets, etc. In general, a computer can be programmed to do pretty much anything. The trick is figuring out how to program it, then managing the raw constraints, scaling, and secure coordination of multiple computers. nio provides a consistent platform and powerful engine to do these things, world-class developer or not. We’d like to think you’re only limited by your imagination.

What are systems and instances?

Systems give you the ability to organize your devices, sensors, and data into cooperative groupings within nio. Systems can be quite diverse and expansive--that’s part of why we think our nio plans provide such great value! Examples of systems are a factory, a vineyard, or your home.

Instances are running versions of the nio platform. nio is intended to be distributed across many devices. We offer instances that run in our nio cloud for you to quickly begin building (managed nio cloud instances). We also encourage you to install and run nio on your own devices, machines, and clouds (i.e. self-managed nio instances).

Do you throttle instance usage?

No, we do not believe in metering data processing or transmission of nio. The underlying hardware of the instances provide the only constraints.

What is team sharing?
We believe digital transformation won’t happen in IT silos. Enterprise plans come with robust features to collaboratively and securely build your distributed digital systems by allowing users to be invited and grouped into teams to work on shared systems in the nio System Designer. Check out our documentation on Organizations for more details.
What training does niolabs provide?
Within the nio portal, there is an ever-growing library of workshops, videos, system templates, and other learning material. The trial plan also comes with a 1-hour private online training session with a niolabs engineer to help get you started. Enterprise plans come with custom training packages to meet the needs of your team. Just like the applications of nio are wide and varied, so are the topics of the nio curriculum to choose from. Onsite and additional training hours are always available by request to help tackle new and exciting new learning opportunities.
What are nio solution design & engineering services?

Enterprise customers can leverage our nio experts to help architect their distributed solutions. These resource packages are custom built to meet the needs of individual customers.

What does premium customer support consist of?
Premium customer support is tailored for your enterprise adoption of nio. We provide enterprise customers with named customer support representative that will coordinate all activities, ticketing, and communication with your team.
Will I be charged sales tax?

US sales tax is charged depending on state & local laws and your location. Currently, state and local taxes will be applied to customer subscriptions with a billing ZIP Code in the State of Texas.

How many trial plans am I allowed to create?
You are only allowed one trial plan.
What forms of payment can I use?
The following credit & debit cards are accepted: American Express ®, Discover ®, JCB ®, MasterCard ®, or Visa ®
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