nio Blocks

assembling infinite possibilities

nio blocks allow you to design and assemble distributed systems. Blocks are the basic unit of functionality in nio that consume data streams, perform an operations, and emit a data streams. They are reusable, configurable, and very user-friendly.

Build faster

Blocks perform the heavy lifting and code development of system integration. Users can quickly arrange and configure blocks into powerful solutions. When you design with nio, you don’t think in complex rules. Instead, you build with blocks.

Simple and complex

Blocks function as simple as a filter or as complex as a neural network. When applying logic using blocks, implementing complex technologies and algorithms is simplified.

Modular connectors

One type of block is a connector block. This block type converts an external input into a nio signal or converts a nio signal into an external output. A connector block may be a communications protocol or a database or a web service with a streaming API.

Infinite enrichment

Signal enrichment blocks perform operations on data streams regardless of data type. Disparate data streams inherently have different formats and characteristics. Signal enrichment blocks allow you to transform the shape, timing, and path of signal streams.

open source

Forecasts predict billions of connected devices during the Internet of Things era. That’s why the nio block development framework is open source. Once a open block is built, it is available to all nio users to integrate into their systems. Select and tested blocks will become nio certified.

Explore our blocks and build your own!