orchestrating digital communications

Pubkeeper™ is a patent pending communications broker that enables a system of disparate devices and technologies to communicate with each other in real time. The Internet of Things introduces many different protocols and devices; Pubkeeper allows different participants to transmit information to one another through standard publish-subscribe patterns.

Platform and protocol agnostic

Pubkeeper client libraries are designed without bias. They can communicate with any protocol and are not platform specific. This means your devices and applications can communicate with one another regardless of whether they are written in Python, Javascript, Java, or any other language that you may require.

Bridging communications

When building distributed systems, it is unreasonable to assume that two different devices will always support the same protocol. Pubkeeper not only understands this, but expects it. If two devices in a system need to communicate with one another, but do not share a common communications protocol, Pubkeeper will determine and construct a path between these two devices via gateways and other actors in the system.

The universal matchmaker

Pubkeeper is not a translation layer. It does not translate a specific protocol into another protocol. Rather, it is aware that two different devices are able to communicate over a common protocol without awareness of how that protocol works. Because of this, Pubkeeper is a “matchmaker” not a “translator.” Once two devices are “paired” over any protocol, the Pubkeeper server is out of the picture and allows these two clients to communicate in a peer-to-peer fashion.

End-to-end encryption

Pubkeeper is responsible for constructing the pathway by which two devices communicate with one another. One important aspect of that relationship is that only those two devices understand the information that is being transmitted. Pubkeeper clients encrypt the data before it even hits the network, and it isn’t decrypted until it reaches its final destination.

Edge devices

Low-power and low-bandwidth edge nodes are often difficult to work with due to their sporadic connectivity and network constraints. Pubkeeper allows these devices to participate seamlessly with gateways, servers, user interfaces and other machines in the system.

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