nio System Designer

elegant drag-and-drop workflow engine

The nio System Designer empowers development of digital distributed systems.

It enables users to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure and code. Enterprise teams are able to Think Big while designing their digital vision, Start Small to validate return, and Move Fast to scale.

Low code

The system designer is a powerful workflow engine for developers and non-developers alike. Subject matter experts and general technologists may design custom systems simply by dragging lines between blocks. Developers are empowered to explore advanced functionality.

IT/OT friendly

The System Designer bridges IT/OT adoption challenges. Business and technical users can collaboratively build, utilize, and manage distributed systems. With advanced permissions, logging, and integrations, IT can maintain proper access and change control.

Create cohesive systems

Distributed systems don’t consist of a single isolated device. The System Designer allows you to visualize your entire system--forget trying to maintain the disparate relationships and data streams manually.

Design with blocks

With the System Designer, you construct systems by connecting blocks to form data streams. Blocks represent streaming functions, device protocols, web services, databases, and more. Anything that produces, consumes, or transforms a signal may be a block.

Human-machine interaction

nio revolutionizes human interactions with machines. Getting two different machines to work together is typically an expensive and complicated integration effort. nio simplifies your desired dataflow and outcomes.

Build and deploy from anywhere

The System Designer allows you to build new systems and alter the state of existing systems. View system metrics, log files, and the status of running blocks and services right from your web browser. When you’re ready to make a change, deploy a new version of your system with the click of a button.

Additional user resources

The System Designer wouldn't be complete without first-class user support. We provide all the tools you need to learn, build, and troubleshoot with nio.

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