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we are dreamers, designers, and innovators

At niolabs, we’re confident in our ability to transform the world, and our team tackles projects with that purpose always in mind. From engineers to designers, it takes a broad range of skills and expertise to ensure we provide the best solution for our clients.

You should also know that we like dogs, office mini-golf, and breakfast burritos.

get to know us

Aaron (like Rodgers for you Wisconsinites), is never afraid to throw the Hail Mary.


Software Engineer

Our fearless design leader. This ramen addict navigates our design ship through the technological seas of niolabs. Ahoy!


Design Director

Self-appointed sports commissioner who also writes bad jokes. As a child, wanted to grow up to become an alligator.


Very Special Agent

Honda Civic Wagon connoisseur who cut and ran from the newsroom drab to niolabs.


Marketing Videographer

Avid scooterist and Groupon power user who has a head of hair that can hypnotize you if you’re not careful.


Business Development Lead

Our resident beer expert, Chris loves a good Colorado saison. Please direct all cat t-shirt packages his way.


Software Engineer

Dave and his sidekick, Gus the wonderdog, are often hooking our team up with sweet treats and stiff mint juleps.


Software Engineer

Dirk’s hobbies include chasing squirrels, waking his daddy up at the crack of dawn and demanding a hug when anybody walks in the house.


Chief Officer of Treats

Co-founder, stand up paddle boarder, and wine enthusiast who dreams of a fully nio-fied walk-in wine cellar.



Active lifestyle has led Drew to an unusual amount of ER visits… nine if you’re counting at home. Cross your fingers for Drew!


Business Analyst

A bundle of energy, Duke is always looking for his next opportunity to play tug-of-war!


Chew Toy Bandit

Top secret clearance is needed to know more about Franky… we’ve already said too much!


Software Engineer

Co-founder and tall drink of water Graven, puts Sriracha on everything. He even keeps a bottle at his desk for condiment related emergencies.



Gus, the Earl of Denver, enjoys his time at niolabs playing tug, running loops around the office, and eating snacks.


Lead Software Barkitect

Hobie is an enthusiastic explorer, so you can find him confined to the accounting office.


Party Starter

If not an engineer, Jake would have become an internationally known recording artist or a wildly mediocre comedian.


Application Engineer

Do you know who invented the color orange? Or why socks are called socks? James does.


Director of Innovation

Jaxon rarely sleeps, but when he does, he dreams of being a spy… a dream cut short by his inability to bring himself to wear a tuxedo under a wetsuit.


Software Engineer

Cat activist, developer, life hacker, and jewelry designer whose dream is to ‘outwit the tyrannical clasp.’


Software Engineer

Pronounced like DayQuil, Jonquil is a Texas wakeboarder turned Colorado skier.


Business Analyst

A fashionista and lover of fountain drinks, Kaitlin is a secret chef whose favorite ingredient is a pinch of sass.


Chief of Staff

This sheepadoodle enthusiast is a master seamstress who outfitted her daughter’s entire bridal party, including the wedding dress!



Kona is the sweetest rescue pup ever. Calm inside, wild outside — but you’d have to see it to believe it.


Cuddle Expert

From summer intern to full-time engineer at niolabs, Kylie loves collectible spoons, github forks and due to the transitive property of cutlery, sporks.


Software Engineer

She’s either modeling, rescuing dogs or on social media. Sometimes all three at once. Now that’s talent!


Social Media Magician

Co-founder, open-sourcer, lover of the LA Dodgers, and an advocate for pickle + peanut butter sandwiches.



I don’t usually come into the office, but when I do, I like to hang out in the video room.



Auburn superfan who made ice cream for a company BBQ that changed lives forever. War Damn Eagle!


Application Engineer

Steve has Reese’s in his office, so basically he is the best team member ever. We need more team members like Reese’s.


Director of Product Management

From the streets of Denver, Stupac is always hustling and can hear a bag of chips open from a mile away.


Director of Crumb Collection

Teddy loves nothing more than taking naps, eating and playing with his toys.


Chief Layabout

This section of the niolabs team page is not available as it is currently pending legal review.


Intellectual Property Counsel

If you broke it, Tom can fix it. If you dream it, Tom can build it. Bonus fun fact: He also loves Jurassic Park.


Application Engineer

Former intern who wants to take your picture…. It’s not weird though, it’s for some niolabs facial recognition applications around the office.


Software Engineer

Woody loves to come visit the office and play, but sometimes he forgets his size.


Executive Fetch Master

we think it’s rad to work here

If you’re driven by curiosity, free coffee and an unwavering belief in technology as the lever of societal innovation, then check our careers page to see if niolabs is the place for you.